Thrive Growth Partners was created to provide entrepreneurs with proven and straightforward commercial advice without the fuss that usually comes with other consultancies, lawyers, or accountants.

Startups and SMEs find it difficult to obtain strategic commercial support when growing. To really understand how these innovative businesses operate, it requires people who have lived and breathed the fast-paced culture of startup life. 

It is my vision to help inspiring business leaders to successfully navigate these challenges and ultimately enable their businesses to thrive.

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At the end of 2019, I decided to leave my role as Finance Director of Highview Power, a successful technology startup, which recently obtained a valuation of £200m during its most recent funding round.

As Finance Director, I led the company through multiple funding rounds helping it raise £55m in equity and debt, developed various systems, processes and procedures which scaled with growth and helped the business expand internationally including setting up a US subsidiary.

Thrive Growth Partners understands many innovative startups and SMEs do not have access to straightforward commercial support. I learnt this first-hand during my time at Highview Power. Many entrepreneurs acknowledge that a FD or a CFO would significantly help their growth strategies, however they are reluctant to take on such an individual due to the expense.  

I am here to provide strategic advice during the most crucial periods for your company. Contact me for a free consultation.